The MoonCat​Rescue project has grown a bunch since it launched in 2017 (more information about the project overall over here ), and the current team of maintainers continues to raise awareness about the project, educate newcomers about NFTs in general, and coordinate added utility to the MoonCat ecosystem projects.

If you'd like to see this project continue to grow and evolve, there's many ways you can chip in funds , skills , and/or social awareness that would be greatly appreciated!


The trend in the NFT space has been away from giving NFT collection owners a royalty fee off of each sale of NFTs in their collection, and the MoonCat​Rescue team has seen that even when marketplaces do give royalties to collection owners, that revenue stream can be very unpredictable. The MoonCat​Rescue project is unlike many other NFT projects in that the initial launch did not earn the creators a large nest egg to work from. The initial profit-making aspect for the team (adoption costs of Genesis MoonCats) ended up not happening due to a bug in the contract, but the original creators let the project continue. No MoonCats in the collection were "set aside" for the creators to profit from later. The current MoonCat​Rescue team works on a volunteer basis, but if additional funding sources were secured, more time and effort could be dedicated to the project.

ENS extensions

The MoonCat​Rescue ecosystem uses a few Ethereum Name Service (ENS) names as anchors and additional utility within the ecosystem. ENS names do need to be renewed for a fixed cost in order to keep their ownership. But anyone (not just the owner of the name) can pay to renew/extend the name's time. To assist in this way, click the link below for the specific ENS name, and click the button to "Extend" that domain's time.

Discord Boosts

The MoonCat​Rescue Discord Server is a great resource for meeting others interested in the MoonCat​Rescue project, and helping educate newcomers to the NFT ecosystem. In order to keep some of the upgraded perks of that server (most notably, the ability to have a customized invite link), a certain number of "Boosts" need to be maintained. If the community covered those Boosts, that's more funds that the MoonCat​Rescue team could allocate to other uses.

Get Some Swag

If you purchase an Accessory for your MoonCat from the Boutique , a portion of the sale goes to the MoonCat​Rescue team. Additionally, if you purchase an accessory owned by the MoonCat​Rescue team , all the proceeds go to the MoonCat​Rescue team to continue building in the space. So, grabbing an Acclimator pad (or two ), or a Moon for your MoonCat to pose in front of is a great way to make a contribution and get some stylish swag as well!

Superfluid streams

The most direct way to give a financial contribution to the project would be to send donations to 0xdf2E60Af57C411F848B1eA12B10a404d194bce27 (MoonCat​Rescue LLC's primary blockchain address). While donations of any sort are always appreciated, making your contribution a Superfluid stream would help us make our finances a bit more predictable. A Superfluid stream is like setting up a voluntary recurring membership payment, but instead of paying a certain amount in recurring lump sums (e.g. $5 per month paid once-a-month), the Superfluid infrastructure streams that payment over in a fraction of a coin every second (e.g. sending $0.000001929/second, to total $5/month). That way there's no need to "pro-rate" anything if you decide to stop. In the future the MoonCat​Rescue team may use this infrastructure to create "Patreon-style" tiers of membership, which could be retroactively applied to existing donors.

To donate in this way, follow this link , which will take you to the Superfluid dashboard with the MoonCat​Rescue team's address filled in to start a stream to. You'll need to have cryptocurrency on a "layer two" blockchain that is supported by Superfluid. MoonCat​Rescue prefers using Optimism, but Gnosis, Polygon, or Arbitrum One are also great choices.

If this is your first time using an L2 blockchain in general, use the Bridge area of the Superfluid app to get your assets from the main Ethereum blockchain onto the L2. That will let you use those tokens anywhere within that L2 ecosystem. To then use those tokens within the Superfluid ecosystem (to "stream" them to other addresses), use their Wrap feature.

Infrastructure tokens

The MoonCat​Rescue team creates things with an eye toward permanence and decentralization where possible. There's a few centralized services that the MoonCat ecosystem projects use to make things more easily accessible to "Web 2.0"-style services, as the Web 3.0 ecosystem continues to grow. In order to more fully decentralize those things, the available infrastructures to do so require some compensation in their own infrastructure tokens. If you're interested in the MoonCat​Rescue team pursuing using these more decentralized infrastructure options, giving a donation of those tokens to the main MoonCat​Rescue LLC address (0xdf2E60Af57C411F848B1eA12B10a404d194bce27) would be a good signal for that, and we'd use those funds to further explore those hosting options.


Technical / Software development

The code repositories for the MoonCat​Rescue-created projects are hosted on GitLab . In those repositories, there are "issues" posted with various bug fixes, feature enhancements, and discussion topics that could use feedback from other developers. If you are familiar with git (for version control), solidity or hardhat (smart contract develompent), or React, Next, Vue, or Nuxt (front-end UI libraries), you'll likely find several things you can help contribute to!

Start by perusing the Developer Environment repository, and the Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) posted there. Then feel free to dive in making a contribution and submitting a merge request. If you'd like to discuss your changes with others, feel free to jump into our Discord server .

IPFS Pinning

The IPFS protocol helps distribute content in a decentralized manner, and as long as that content is static, anyone can help by hosting and re-sharing that content. Similar to "seeding" a torrent file, in the IPFS ecosystem, it's termed "pinning" the content. If you run your own IPFS node, or use a hosted IPFS service (like Pinata or Infura IPFS ), adding these content identifiers (CIDs) to your list of pinned content would help this content be more readily-available to everyone browsing for it.


With over 25,000 MoonCats in the MoonCat​Rescue collection, it's one of the bigger NFT communities that exist. The NFT ecosystem overall right now is somewhat similar to an athetic sport, in that there's many different "teams" that many different groups of "fans" are rooting for, but we can generally identify other teams by their "jerseys", and even if you and I have different "favorite teams", seeing our sport gain interest benefits us both, and we can still be friends while supporting different favorite teams.

Being active in the NFT space and "liking" MoonCat​Rescue and other MoonCat-supporters' posts can have a tremendous snowballing effect, due to how many MoonCat holders and fans are out there.

Stepping up to coordinate social get-togethers, meme contests, or other events to show off our favorite feline friends can be a great help to the community. Using virtual spaces like isotile or Worldwide Web3 (where MoonCats have a physical presence/representation) are free to use, so have a birthday party, or holiday celebration, or casual get-together there, and show what a "metaverse pet" can really be! If you have an idea for a social get-together and are interested in hosting the event, and need help finding a (virtual) space to host it, the MoonCat​Rescue team can help with that! Have an idea but not sure if you can actually pull it off? Hop on into the Discord server and post your idea, and you might find several friends there willing to help out!