MoonCats are an original NFT which launched in 2017 and helped pioneer on-chain generation, fair distribution, and user customization.
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Latest Update From Chainstation Alpha


ChainStation Log: Epoch 75065

Commerce is humming along here on the station. Just last night a strange ship requested emergency clearance to dock in bay 4. We were relieved (and some other things) to learn their only distress was that they had "a deal so great it just couldn't wait!"

Apparently some sort of interstellar beverage vendor, they came to offer MoonCats and their pet Ethereans a sparkling opportunity. We tried to shoo them out, but word travels fast. Before we had a chance to show them to the airlock we were all knee-deep in a sea of purring. So, it seems that 256 MoonCats will be offered the position of SpokesCat for their own flavor of:


Space-thirst, prepare to be quenched!

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Welcome to the MoonCat​Community Website

MoonCat​Rescue sprouted an amazing grass-roots community of Rescuers, Adopters, Artists, Programmers, and Enthusiasts. People rose to the challenge of reviving a mission half-finished and almost fully forgotten, and saw it through. Though ponderware initially started the MoonCat​Rescue mission, we can't take credit for the wonderful community growing around it.

Ponderware is grateful to have been welcomed into that community. Together, we hope to expand on the world of MoonCat​Rescue, adding content and value to the ecosystem as a whole. We hope to explore, delight, and educate in the spirit of the original contract.

New developments and updates will be posted here. We want to maintain the MoonCat​Rescue site as it is now: largely preserved as it was in 2017. Already that copy has grown long in the paw (with its outdated instructions and claims of $0.50 gas), but it doesn’t feel right to take it down or substantially alter it. The MoonCat​Rescue homepage has received its last update.

Want to see what's coming next for the MoonCat ecosystem from the ponderware development team? Check out the roadmap !


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