(for MoonCats)


What are lootprints (for MoonCats)?

lootprints (for MoonCats) are the answer to the recent MoonCat demands. Each is it's own ERC-721 NFT, and is a schematic plan for a MoonCat Spacecraft. Minting was open for six weeks, and out of a potential 25 600 lootprints, 11 718 were drafted. No further lootprints can be minted.

How can I acquire a lootprints (for MoonCats)?

Minting is closed – no further MoonCatShip lootprints can be minted! You can buy one on the marketplace.

Are MoonCatShip lootprints free?

For MoonCats who were Acclimated prior to September 6, 2021 lootprints were free to mint. Those who Acclimated after that deadline paid a steadily increasing price, up to 0.2 ETH Hint: If your MoonCat isn’t yet Acclimated now is a very good time to do that, as perks like free NFT minting will be reserved for MoonCats in the official wrapper.

How are the traits on a lootprints (for MoonCats) determined?

Your lootprint's Registration # and colour will directly correlate to your MoonCat. Rescue MoonCats mint lootprints in their complementary color. MoonCat 17970 (a blue shy tortie) would mint lootprint #17970, in Orange. However, Genesis mooncats will mint their own color so MoonCat 90 will mint lootprint #90, which will be Genesis Black.

A lootprint's name and type, as well as their number of bays, are randomly generated at minting. Much like the original MoonCats, there are billions of possible name, ship type, and bay number configurations — far more than will ever be minted!

So, are lootprints (for MoonCats) on-chain generative art?

You bet.

Was there a deadline to claim lootprints (for MoonCats)?

YES. On October 24th, the remaining unclaimed lootprints (for MoonCats) were lost to the ether. This means the collection was finalized at 11 718, smaller than the proposed 25 600 lootprints.

Hang on, there are lootprints in a colour no MoonCat can be?

These unique Hero Silver lootprints were available via auction in waves, and the proceeds will continue to support further development in the MoonCats ecosystem.

Cool, I minted a lootprints (for MoonCats)! What do I do with it now?

lootprints will eventually transform into fully space ships, and will tie into future MoonCat​Rescue projects; MoonCats will require one to participate in GravBall and Deep Space. Learn more at the JumpPort.

What are bays?

Bays are the way each lootprints (for MoonCats) can be customized. This feature will be available in the future. We're gonna need a LOT of catnip before the MoonCats let us in on this secret.

Are lootprints (for MoonCats) tied to a MoonCat?

Before minting, lootprints (for MoonCats) are tied to a single MoonCat; only that MoonCat can elect to acquire their associated lootprint. However, after minting, lootprints are their own NFTs, which can be bought and sold on their own.

Waaaaaiiiiiiit...isn't this just, you know, LOOT?

lootprints (for MoonCats) are definitely inspired by LOOT, but, you know, for MoonCats

More than that, they are just a taste of adventures to come