(All about MoonCat​Accessories)

You've got questions about the accessories? We've got your answers right here.

What is MoonCat​Accessories

MoonCat​Accessories is a contract that enables customization for your MoonCat via accessories, which can be purchased through the MoonCatBoutique. The MoonCat itself owns the accessories once purchased.

How do I buy accessories?

The MoonCat​Boutique is your one-stop shop for all your customization needs. Here you can look at all available pieces, purchase and apply accessories your MoonCats own. While some accessories are designed by the MoonCat​Rescue team, most have been designed by members of the community. Anyone can design and sell accessories.

Sounds cool! Where will I be able to see my accessories?

You can see all of your accessories in the MoonCat​Boutique. Some accessories worn by a MoonCat will appear in their graphic representation on marketplaces. You'll also be able to see the original look of a MoonCat, for those looking to see the base MoonCat without accessories or modifications.

MoonCatPop Cans from {Brand_Name_Here} can be minted with your MoonCat's accessories, with some exceptions.

Sounds amazing! What will accessories cost?

Accessories can be purchased with ETH; prices are set by an accessory’s creator and can be any price, including free!

How many accessories can a MoonCat wear at once?

As many as you'd like, though stacking may get a little strange. This means if you wanted your MoonCat to have glasses, a hat, bunny ears, tentacles, and boots they can in fact do so. There's about 65 000 layers in front of or behind a MoonCat, so you'll have plenty of room to play with.

I acclimated my MoonCat prior to the June 8th deadline! When and where can I get my Early Acclimator Helmet?

You can claim the Early Acclimator Helmet in the MoonCat​Boutique for any MoonCat acclimated prior to June 9th. You can double check the raw numerical Mint ID list here.

Will donning/removing accessories require contract transactions?

Yes, they will require transactions with associated fees.

What will be the cost of a purchase transaction?

The price to purchase an accessory will be approximately 370 000 gas units if done individually. This price drops if multiple accessories are purchased together (e.g. drops to around 230 000 per accessory if four are bought together.)

Will I be able to sell or trade accessories?

These accessories are not standard ERC-721 NFTs on their own, so have some special behaviors:

Once acquired by a MoonCat, they cannot be transferred to another MoonCat. They can be "put on", "taken off", "reordered", and "have their palettes switched" by that MoonCat's owner. Accessories "taken off" (made not visible in the MoonCat's rendered appearance) are still owned by that MoonCat and can be "put on" again later). If a MoonCat is sold, their accessories are transferred with the MoonCat to the new owner. Multiple accessories can be worn at the same time, and the owner has control to "reorder" them to determine which is drawn on top of which.

Where is the data for accessories stored?

Accessory data, including image data, is stored directly on the blockchain. For the technically savvy, you can interact with it by using the LibMoonCat clojure and javascript libraries, or EtherScan.

How does this benefit MoonCat​Rescue and MoonCats?

MoonCat​Rescue as a corporation will receive revenue from the accessories specifically designed and owned by them, as well as receive a fee from every accessory sale (accessories that the accessory manager sets to free will stay free; MoonCat​Rescue will get no fee from those.)

Designing Accessories

(Everything you ever wanted to know about Designing Accessories)

What guidelines do I need to follow when designing accessories?

Accessories embrace the permissionless nature of the Ethereum blockchain. Designers are free to make whatever accessories they choose, and accessories creation can not be vetted by the MoonCat​Rescue team. However, the MoonCat​Rescue team may moderate which accessories appear on our platforms and through our API endpoints. This will be done to comply with quality, intellectual property, and legal restrictions, as well as to keep the MoonCat​Community family-friendly. Mature-themed accessories will not be promoted or endorsed by the MoonCat​Rescue team, nor will any collections by a designer containing adult-themed content.

All created accessories will always be accessible through the smart contract.

MoonCat​Rescue intends to keep the Acclimated MoonCats collection on marketplaces free of explicit or sensitive content as defined by the platform holders, so all accessories will be manually reviewed by MoonCat​Rescue staff prior to being verified for visibility on marketplaces. MoonCat​Rescue reserves the right to remove verification for any reason on an accessory at any time. Verified accessories are marked with a blue diamond on the accessory page.

Accessories can be created to be "in front" of a MoonCat (such as glasses, headwear, or a costume) or "behind" a MoonCat (such as a background, logo, or body modifications like wings).

I'm an artist considering selling an accessory, do I get a return on my work?

Yes! The designer of an accessory can set a price and will receive that amount, minus a fee, on each accessory that is sold.

This sounds cool! I wanna design an accessory! How will that work?

The accessory designer can be found here . Accessories are drawn on a grid that is half the pixel size of a standard MoonCat graphic, which allows for slightly more detailed/smaller accessories, while still keeping the MoonCat pixel-art aesthetic.

Accessory colors are pulled from a standard color palette designed to look good with MoonCats' multiple vibrant colors. The color options include many opaque colors, some translucent/glass-like colors, and several colors that shift to match the rendered colors of the MoonCat wearing the accessory.

I want to provide only a limited number of accessories, or only for a limited time. Can I do that?

Accessory designers can choose how many of that accessory can exist (max total supply). They can set it to 25,440 (enough for every MoonCat to own one; essentially "unlimited supply") or a smaller number for a more exclusive accessory, as well as set a sales price (including setting the price to zero to make it "free" and only require gas fees to claim). Designers will be able to change the price of an accessory after launch, but not the quantity.

It is also possible to restrict sale of an accessory to specific MoonCats using EligibleLists

Timed items will not be available (though a separate smart contract controlling that specific accessory could handle this).

Can I discontinue an accessory?

It is possible to discontinue an accessory through the management interface of the Boutique. The manager of the accessory will be set to the null address, no further palettes can be added, and all remaining available supply of the accessory will be "destroyed". Discontinuing an accessory is permanent and cannot be undone!

What are eligibleLists?

EligibleLists restrict the sale of an accessory to a specific list of rescueOrders. Presently they cannot be created in the designer, or added in the boutique. They can be generated with libmooncat and added manually by interacting with the smart contract. Accessory managers can edit eligibleLists at any time.

How do I ensure my design is unique? Won't someone just come along and make my Cool Red Hat a Cool Blue Hat?

All accessories will have a minting number and name associated with them; this will be a unique qualifier and cannot be duplicated. Accessory designers can also create different color palettes for an accessory (e.g. a single "hat" accessory can be designed to be a "red hat" and a "blue hat", where the only difference is the colors, not the shape). When a MoonCat acquires the accessory, they get access to all color variations of that accessory (when "putting on" the accessory, the MoonCat owner can pick which color variation to apply)

Palettes can be added after an accessory is created. The interface to do so will be available in the boutique.

I want to create an accessory and then have my friend actually sell the thing. Can I do that?

Yes! Management of an accessory can be transferred to other addresses, so even if an accessory is created manually by a human-controlled address, that designer could transfer ownership to a different address for more advanced disbursement options (e.g. owned by a DAO who controls who gets gifted the accessory, smart contract that adjusts price based on some outside oracle, smart contract that "gifts" the accessory if paid in a specific ERC20 token, etc.)

I want to create an accessory and give it away to some contest winners or perform some other action? Can I do that?

Yes! An accessory can be listed for sale (or not), limited in quantity (or not), given away (or not) — the designer is in control.

I'd love to see an accessory designed by a famous brand, a famous artist, or some other entity! Is that something that can happen?

Absolutely! We know from experience that introductions are extremely helpful in these sorts of situations. If you're personally in touch with the right person , we'd love to talk more. Please reach out on Twitter, Discord, or Reddit.

Can I export my accessory so that I can work on it later?

Certainly! Head over to the Accessory Import/Export Tool in order to save your data, or import data you saved previously.

Using the Designer

The Accessory Designer Allows you to Create and Deploy Accessories.

There are 7 steps to the Accessory Designer Workflow:

We recommend moving through the steps in order using the arrow buttons in the navigator. However you can jump between steps by clicking the dropdown arrow in the center of the navigator.

If you wish to save your accessory, you can do so with the Accessory Import/Export Tool.

Project Browser

The project browser allows you to create a new accessory project or continue a previous project. If you load an existing project, you will automatically be sent to the Details step.

Cat Selector

Once you create a new project you will be dropped into the Cat Selector. Here you can generate a MoonCat to use as a basis for your accessory design.

You can return to the Cat Selector for existing projects, but changing your template MoonCat pose once you begin design is not recommended; if you do be sure to double check your Positions


You need to configure how your cat will appear in the store. Everything here will be stored on-chain.

Pixel Editor

It's design time!

The canvas is 128x128 pixels, and accessories are designed at half the pixel size as a MoonCat, to ensure fine details pop while maintaining the MoonCat aesthetic. There are 128 colors to choose from, and each accessory supports up to 8 colours at a time. The colors in the last row of the color picker are MoonCat Specific and will change based on which MoonCat is wearing the accessory. These include all of the MoonCat's standard colors, as well as 2 complimentary colors with transparent variants as well!

There are three rows Controls:

And one column of Palette Colors

Note: Presently the designer only allows the creation of one palette. Additional palettes (up to a total of 7) can be added after the accessory is deployed.

Position Editor

The position editor allows you to move the accessory to fit each of the four MoonCat poses: Standing, Sleeping, Pouncing, & Stalking

If you can't see your accessory on some poses, don't worry. The previews on the left show the part of the accessory right around the MoonCat click one to expand it and view the full canvas. In some cases, starting with the blue "Center Accessory" button can be very helpful.

If your accessory doesn't fit with one or more poses, you can use the red "Disable Pose" button. The Boutique will not allow MoonCats to purchase accessories not intended for its pose.

There are two additional options at the top that apply to "Right-Facing Mooncats". Both default to true, which means that the accessory applied to a right-facing MoonCat will be an exact mirror-image of what it would look like on a left-facing MoonCat.

You can toggle the buttons to see the impact in the previews.

Note: If you modify the accessory in the pixel editor you will probably need to position it again


Here you can examine what your accessory will look like on a random selection of MoonCats. Only supported poses will be shown. Look closely to ensure your accessory looks just right on all poses.

Click the Shuffle button for a new random selection of MoonCats.


The final step!

First, look through the Details. If there are issues which will prevent deployment, use the (fix) links to correct them.

Next, Double check the Positions. Once the accessory is deployed positions can not be changed!

Then, click the Connect Web3 button to launch your wallet for final payment. Please be sure to read all warnings about suitability and eligibility on this page, as item verification is strictly enforced.

If everything is good to go. Click the large green Submit Accessory button and approve the transaction. Once it is confirmed, your accessory will be live in the contract and you will be presented with a link to the boutique!

If it says your accessory has already been deployed, either you have already deployed the accessory or someone has already submitted the same design. The pixel data of each accessory must be unique!

By default your accessory is not listed in the Boutique. You must manually list it in the Boutique accessory manager. To access this, go to the Boutique and connect the wallet you deployed the accessory from. Then follow through: Hamburger menu -> Profile -> Your Creations -> MANAGE button -> Edit Price and Details -> LIST IN BOUTIQUE (box should move from grey to pink).