What Are MoonCats

MoonCats are an original NFT which launched in 2017. The project was a pioneer of on-chain generation, fair distribution, and user customization. With the support of the active community, the original development team continues to expand the MoonCatEcosystem.

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Important Things To Know

MoonCat Winter & Rediscovery

MoonCatRescue was developed and released in 2017 by a pair of Ethereum enthusiasts who wanted to explore the possibilities of the early Ethereum network. The project used an on-chain, proof-of-work mining system to allow people to "locate" and "rescue" MoonCats. Of the billions of possibilities, the community decided which Cats would be rescued.

Though MoonCats gained a small and passionate following, interest waned.

Thanks to the efforts of crypto-archeologists like 0xAllen, Adam McNFT, ETHoard, & JUSTIN, MoonCats were rediscovered on March 12, 2021. In a bout of MoonCat mania, all of the remaining MoonCats were rescued in just a few hours. On that day - from the grassroots - the MoonCatCommunity was born!

As soon as ponderware learned of the rediscovery, the team got to work re-establishing communication with the MoonBase.

The project continues to develop, and the community continues to grow. The #AgeOfMoonCats is upon us.


There are a total of 25,440 MoonCats.

25,344 are Rescue Cats, selected by users during the minting process, and 96 are Genesis Cats (Black or White MoonCats). 256 Genesis Cats were planned for release, but the remaining 160 were permanently locked as dictated by the outcome of the Genesis Vote in March, 2021.

Ponderware will never mint any additional MoonCats.

Acclimated MoonCats

MoonCats were developed prior to the implementation of the ERC-721 standard, the current Ethereum standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Because MoonCats were created with the ERC-20 standard, the ponderware Development team created The Acclimator, which gives MoonCats full ERC-721 and ERC-998 functionality. The “Acclimation” process can be reversed; however, owning an Acclimated MoonCat allows you to take full advantage of the MoonCat ecosystem.


Accessories are entirely on-chain collectibles for MoonCats to own and display. With the Accessory Designer, anyone can create an accessory, specify its scarcity and price, and sell it in the Accessory Boutique. Accessories stay with the MoonCat forever, but can be put on or taken off at any time.

lootprints (for MoonCats)

lootprints are blueprints for MoonCat spacecraft. You must own at least one MoonCat and one lootprint to play GravBall, the upcoming MoonCat game!

MoonCats 100% On-Chain

MoonCats are 100% on-chain. Your family of Cats, however big or small, have found their permanent home on the Ethereum blockchain.

What do MoonCat holders have to do?

Nothing. The move was made by the ponderware Dev team. Gas fees are on us.

What does this mean?

MoonCats - at the time of mint - were generated on-chain, meaning the parameters for what made your cat unique were stored on-chain. The "recipe" for your MoonCats' image generation was on-chain, but the image itself was not.

As of January 13, 2022, that changed.

Our team of magicians... I mean developers... deployed a series of smart contracts to the Ethereum blockchain. Those contracts include all the data required to generate the image of your MoonCats. You can ask the MoonCat contract to produce the image for you, straight from the chain.

What about my MoonCat's accesories?

Accessories from the Boutique have always been completely on-chain. You can produce MoonCat images from the Ethereum blockchain with, and without, your accessories.


Here is excellent breakdown of MoonCat Press Coverage, courtesy of CatDad


The Renowned WanderWonder aka David Scarpetti - Founder & Lead Dev

The Distinguished MidnightLightning aka Brooks Boyd - Community Member Prime & Senior Dev

The Legendary Jurfles aka Jason - Founder & Chief CUDLer

The Notorious Paws aka Anna Marie Privitere - Community Manager & Project Manager

The Prodigal Damn aka Dan Millar - Developer & International Man of Mystery

The Tectonic markmarkmark aka Mark Darling - Junior Developer & Company Bard

The Mysterious TuskTusk aka PixelLitterbox - Social Media Manager & Accessory Artist Extraordinaire

The Venerable JakeIP aka Jake Park - Operations Manager

Who was the literal "first" of anything is a matter of active debate in the NFT community.