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Active excursions:


Boutique has been opened! Initial bugs have been squashed, and the MoonCat shopkeepers are now focused on quality of life improvements to make shopping at the Boutique and designing accessories an even more pleasant experience.


Does your MoonCat crave a cold, refreshing beverage after a long day's romp around the blockchain? How about a cold, refreshing beverage, with your MoonCat's image on it?! MoonCatPop is opening a soda shop, and will be looking for a select few MoonCats to become spokes-kitties for their own line of virtual pop. MoonCat owners who purchase a MoonCatPop vending machine will be able to vend virtual soda cans from it to other Ethereans with the likeness of their MoonCat (including any Boutique accessories!) on it. Proceeds of soda can sales go to the owner of the MoonCatPop Vending Machine it came from, but there's a limited supply of vending machines (256 total), and each vending machine only has so many cans (100 cans) available to vend.

Short-range scanners:

These planetary bodies are rather close to our current location and have been initially scanned for feasibility. These locations are more clearly-defined, and an excursion could be sent to any of these relatively rapidly:

Nickname: "Sportsball"

MoonCats are proving to be a rather playful bunch, and want to keep active. This excursion will likely lead to the discovery of a game that can be played by MoonCats while Ethereans watch and cheer them on.

Apparent Features: game/entertainment, staking, prizes, competition

Nickname: "Advanced Materialization"

MoonCats are now comfy on the blockchain, but Ethereans still occupy the physical world. Since we can't interact with the MoonCats in person, perhaps we should try interacting with each other. The ponderware team is attending NFT.NYC, and will be there for the V.I.P. dinner, through the evening of the 4th.

Apparent features: conference, marketing, swag, physical meetup

Nickname: "Astral Projections"

MoonCats on the blockchain appear to have the ability to project their images into different locations.

MoonCats have already been spotted walking about in isotile!

Now, in The Sandbox, a special area has been located which is particularly suited to MoonCat habitation. Can we settle there? What support buildings/infrastructure needs to be created?

Further excursions in this direction could teach them how to unlock these abilities further, projecting themselves into ever more spaces to rub against the legs of Ethereans across the universe.

Apparent Features: avatars, interactivity, gallery, metaverse

Long-range scanners:

The outcome of excursions to these locations are more nebulous, we can't say for sure how safe it is in these more distant regions of space, or how long it would take to explore. As we get closer, we should be able to pick up more data with our sensors and gain a clearer picture of what possibilities there might be.

Nickname: "Linguistics"

MoonCats as a culture have existed long before they needed to be rescued from the Moon; what stories do they have to tell? Ethereans have appreciated hearing the history of the MoonCats and the Insanely Cute Operation to rescue them. Can Ethereans take part in building the next chapters of their story?

Apparent Features: lore, mystery, collaboration, crafting

Nickname: "Deep Space"

MoonCats have so far stayed close to familiar planetary bodies as they've explored space. They've found it quite nice on the Moon and Earth. But what if they were to venture deeper? Could we even discover where they originated?

Apparent Features: crafting/construction, staking, competition, minting NFTs

Nickname: "Treasure Planet"

Ethereans can collect MoonCats, but what do MoonCats collect? Ethereans can show off their family of MoonCats, but what can the MoonCats show off?

Apparent features: minting NFTs, new collectibles