Having fun with your furry friend!

Once you're the proud owner of a MoonCat, what can you do with them? Well, obviously you can CUDL them and admire them in your wallet viewer, but there's a wide Ethereum world out there, and several applications offer perks and bonuses to MoonCats and their owners:

MoonCat AcclimatorponderwareA good place to stop by first, after adopting a MoonCat. MoonCats that have spent their whole lives on the moon need a little help adjusting to their new environment. Help them get acclimated over here, to interact with other DApps and playthings around the Ethereum metaverse.

isotiledefimoonIsotile lets you create a virtual room with different blockchain assets you own. MoonCats (if they're fully-acclimated) are in the process of being integrated, and will soon be able to be displayed in your room.

HD MoonCatsseeker_curiousAn alternate portraiture for each MoonCat, in an HD style! Each MoonCat is able to mint one "HD" version of themselves (must be unwrapped to be able to authorize the minting), which becomes its own ERC721 that can be traded/transferred independently from the MoonCat itself.

MoonCat PunKitscyberh49Voxel avatars portraying MoonCats. Created on commission for any MoonCat you own.


Get Your MoonCat(s) AcclimatedIsaic YoungEndorsed by ponderwareStep-by-step guide on how to use the Acclimator in a clear, concise manner.

How to Acclimate a MoonCatNiftyFiftyTwitter thread walking through the process of how to use the Acclimator.

MoonCatRescue Acclimator TutorialVicky TebasVideo walkthrough of the Acclimator website, and how to use it to acclimate your MoonCats.

Community Creations

All Rescued MoonCat Interactive ImageBeautifoolDataZoom and Pan across the full spectrum of rescued MoonCats

All Rescued MoonCats static imagesMidnightLightningSVG and PNG imagery of all rescued MoonCats

MoonCatRescue Song NFTsongadaymannSong about the MoonCatRescue Mission

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