Ready to Adopt?

25,440 MoonCats took the trip from the moon and are now happily living with Ethereans from all over the Earth. If you'd like to adopt one of these cute extraterrestrials, check these sites to browse MoonCats looking for a new home:

OpenSea marketplace (Acclimated MoonCats)ponderwareOriginal MoonCats, "wrapped" to make them ERC721-compliant and therefore able to interact with OpenSea's marketplace. This is the primary means of holding a MoonCat asset, which most tools/applications will recognize.

Acclimated MoonCats nft20 Poolnft20A pool of MoonCats that are all up for adoption at the same rate (100 CAT20 tokens each). Or you can swap an Acclimated MoonCat you own for one that's in the pool, or add your MoonCat to the pool to earn CAT20 tokens for yourself.

NFT TraderHave another NFT asset you want to swap for a MoonCat? Atomic NFT trades are possible with MoonCats over on NFT Trader.

NFT Index FundNFTxA pool of MoonCats you can adopt for 1 $MOONCAT token each (you will get a random MoonCat from the pool), or add your MoonCat to the pool to earn 1 $MOONCAT for yourself.

An Interactive Time Capsule

Originally launched in 2017, the Adoption Center still runs today, as a relic of a time before centralized marketplaces. The AC is experiencing some bitrot, though it still works for the moment. We recommend only adopting MoonCats from the AC that have an ETH listing; while the Adoption Center permits bids, we recommend you avoid placing or accepting them.

Original Adoption CenterponderwareAdopt MoonCats on the original adoption center, created in 2017. MoonCats purchased here aren't ERC721-compliant (that standard didn't exist back then!), but they are no less cuddly! MoonCats adopted from this marketplace can visit the Acclimator to make them ERC721-compliant and ready for current and future applications.

Video: How to Adopt on Adoption CentermooncatrescueAdoption center video walkthrough

A Retired Relic

When the MoonCatRescue project was rediscovered in March 2021, a basic wrapper was whipped up so the original ERC-20 tokens could be listed on marketplaces like Rarible or OpenSea. However, this wrapper has no features and is no longer supported by the original developer, who has Acclimated his own MoonCats. Know that if you buy these MoonCats, you will need to immediately visit the Acclimator to enjoy current and future development by ponderware.

Wrapped MoonCats (OpenSea collection)An unofficial wrapped MoonCat marketplace, created just after the Rescue was complete, and doesn't fully prepare original MoonCats for their new lives on the blockchain. MoonCats adopted from here can be Acclimated to fix that, and allow them to fully participate in the future.

Wrapped MoonCats nft20 Poolnft20A pool of MoonCats that have all been wrapped with an unofficial wrapping contract and are all up for adoption at the same rate (100 MCAT20 tokens each). If you adopt from here, take a visit over to the Acclimator afterward, to make sure they're fully ready to play with other MoonCats.

How to Acclimate Your MoonCats!synpatVideo walkthrough showing how to Acclimate MoonCats, and details on how to explore the contract on Etherscan.

Video: How to Unwrap MoonCatmooncatrescueWalkthrough of how to unwrap a wrapped MoonCat

Choosing a MoonCat

There are 25,440 rescued and adopted MoonCats to pick from; not sure which is your favorite? Here's several tools to browse and see all the aspects of all the MoonCats.

MoonCat ProdamnEndorsed by ponderwareStylish MoonCat lookup & comparison tool.

mooncatbotkeltronTweets sales of MoonCat NFTs on Opensea and the Marketplace

MoonCatRescue AnalyticsdegendataMarket analytics including mint order and block family

MoonCat ViewerEasy way to view your MoonCats by catId

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DiscordA community gathering place for lively chats with other MoonCat lovers

RedditA wealth of historical information and a great place to post long-form writings and gather input from the community

Twitter (@ponderware)Official twitter account of ponderware; follow for official announcements of all projects (including MoonCats)

Twitter (@mooncatrescue)Official twitter account for the MoonCatCommunity; follow for all fancy feline news.

Twitter (@mooncatzer0)The first MoonCat ever minted, MoonCatZer0 snuck away with a mobile and is now addicted to NFT Twitter.

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