Purrsonal Space

ChainStation Log: Epoch 85793

MoonCats love stuff. The acclimation process endowed them with the capacity to possess ethereal objects of their own, and a few well timed and gutteral growls have clued us in to their desire to use it!

To facilitate this, an enterprising group of MoonCats donned adorable hardhats and set about converting a section of the station's pavillion into a galleria to show off their favorite possessions and pet Ethereans. Named in honor of the sounds they made when they completed it, we are pleased to unveil:


But wait, there's more…

Apparently the MoonCats have been commemorating special occasions with group photos. We've assembled a team who is hard at work tracking down these special Moments and getting them into the paws of every MoonCat who participates.

So, to those cats-about-town who have been showing up, you can expect to see your purrse filling up with MoonCatMoments.

P. S. A.

Remember, per Engineering Policy Section E92xff00000ca7: All construction must be approved in advance by the ChainStation Structural Integrity team. Failure to adhere to documented approval procedures may result in revokation of station privileges and all of us crashing into the Sun.

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