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JumpPort Active

The JumpPort is open for business, and MoonCats and other etherian creatures are starting to explore what possibilities it opens up. Some are using it as a Training Ground to hone their skills, and MoonCats are exploring some entertainment options it facilitates. What other new friends will come explore with them?

The JumpPort is a key piece of infrastructure to allow expanding MoonCat interactions, including to Layer 2 (L2) ETH-based chains. It is a smart contract that acts as a "lockbox" that can be expanded-upon for interactions like staking, cross-chain bridging, and other applications that need an NFT asset to stay in place predictably. More information available in the User Guide

MoonCats Cross-Chain Metadata

As the MoonCats explore the far reaches of Deep Space, having a direct anchor to back home isn't always feasible. And so, intergalactic buoys have been set at some potential far-flung destinations, to make it easier for intrepid explorers to do so safely.

The MoonCat​Rescue original project is on Ethereum Mainnet, and it has the canonical trait information about the MoonCats. To allow other applications/smart contracts on other chains to use that metadata and trust it, this data is being replicated across several other layer two (L2) chains. This data has being verfied and those contracts are now sealed. They will serve as the foundation piece for additional applications/interactions with MoonCats on those L2 chains.

Traits API Features

Not everyone can stare into the black abyss of Deep Space and fully fathom its contents, but for those interested, some brave MoonCat explorers want to help! MoonCats have been Acclimated to etherial, blockchain existence for some time now, and can help ease the transition for newcomers to the space to come see the wonders these colorful felines have found out here!
While metadata information for MoonCats is available on-chain in a permanent, verifiable manner, many projects aren't yet to a point where they can interact with on-chain data directly, and therefore having the data available as a "web2"-style API server helps get integrations running faster, and allows owners easier access to representing their MoonCat friends. An initial version has launched, with the ability to create photogenic headshots, and some additional features are in the works, to pave the way for the "Astral Projections" option on the short-range scanners.

Short-range scanners:

These planetary bodies are rather close to our current location and have been initially scanned for feasibility. These locations are more clearly-defined, and an excursion could be sent to any of these relatively rapidly:

Nickname: "Astral Projections"

MoonCats on the blockchain appear to have the ability to project their images into different locations, appearing in multiple different "metaverses" and digital worlds.

MoonCats have already been spotted walking about in isotile and Worldwide Web3 , with unique appearances customized to those worlds. Further customization and leveraging each world's specific features can continue to be expanded-upon.

Isotile has launched individual land estates, and Worldwide Web3 is in-development of the next major version of their world engine. As new features come out, we'll determine if they provide opportunities for deeper integration of MoonCats as metaverse pets and avatars.

Nickname: "The Shipyard"

The lootprints (for MoonCats) project has been from the beginning plans ('blueprints') for a spacecraft that would grow and evolve alongside the MoonCats as they grew and explored the multi-dimensional blockchain universe, and the Deep Space scientists have made a breakthrough that can bring these plans from concept into crafts! The next evolution of the lootprint project will allow lootprint holders to turn in their plans, and receive a Ship Beacon, capable of summoning their multi-faceted spacecraft to them, and embark on journeys across the multiverse. As each ship seems to resonate with the essence of its bearer, the individual appearance of each craft may change over time, taking on a more direct representation of their pilot over time...

Nickname: "GravBall"

MoonCats are proving to be a rather playful bunch, and want to keep active. This excursion is leading to the launch of a game that can be played by MoonCats while Ethereans watch and cheer them on. Plans for this game are to have it be an "idle"-style game, where human owners have some influence over the game's outcome in the setup and entering of their MoonCats into the game, but then they take on the role of "coach" watching the game, while the MoonCats themselves are the ones to play the game (or get distracted by something shiny).

Nickname: "Purrfect Blend"

MoonCats have lots of options for things to do individually, and lots of littermates and new friends to meet within the collection. Over the past few years, the tools and websites for looking up details about all the MoonCats have grown and evolved. And as part of that, the Deep Space researchers have tried multiple different new technologies to provide the best options. Now that many have been tried, harmonizing them all together into one view would be helpful for MoonCat owners to have a better experience across all the MoonCatRescue web destinations.

Nickname: "Autographs"

The chainstation crew is aware of a rising demand for MoonCats to have the ability to take on new names, and is exploring options to make this a reality. Giving a MoonCat their name has always been a significant moment in a MoonCat's life, and currently is a very technical feat to accomplish. Making this a smoother process would allow more owners to take on this important role for their feline friends.

Long-range scanners:

The outcome of excursions to these locations are more nebulous, we can't say for sure how safe it is in these more distant regions of space, or how long it would take to explore. As we get closer, we should be able to pick up more data with our sensors and gain a clearer picture of what possibilities there might be.

These plans are very much still in the designing/ideating nebulous phase. They're ideas we've had as a planning team for where we'd like to see the project go eventually, and ideas from the community that have an interesing spark to them. As resources (financial, skills, and volunteer time) become available, these will be fleshed-out into complete projects.

Nickname: "Linguistics"

MoonCats as a culture have existed long before they needed to be rescued from the Moon; what stories do they have to tell? Ethereans have appreciated hearing the history of the MoonCats and the Insanely Cute Operation to rescue them. Can Ethereans take part in building the next chapters of their story?

Apparent Features: lore, mystery, collaboration, crafting

Nickname: "Treasure Planet"

Ethereans can collect MoonCats, but what do MoonCats collect? Ethereans can show off their family of MoonCats, but what can the MoonCats show off?

Apparent Features: minting NFTs, new collectibles

Nickname: "Deep Space"

MoonCats have so far stayed close to familiar planetary bodies as they've explored space. They've found it quite nice on the Moon and Earth. But what if they were to venture deeper? Could we even discover where they originated?

Apparent Features: crafting/construction, staking, competition, minting NFTs